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This work has been dedicated to investigating the stiffness and strength of FML components under static axial and bending loads. There are two types of fiber metal laminates (FML) called Al3G4 and Al3G2K2 labeled according to the plate design. Al3G4 is Glare 3/2 -0.4 contains 4 layers of laminated glass/epoxy laminate. Al3G2K2, is a hybrid fiber laminate, has two aramid fiber laminates adjacent to the inner metal layer. Experimental stiffness and strength are discussed and compared with the theoretical data. The relationship between tensile and bending forces is discussed. Referred to the end bending condition, results of free end support have been compared with the corresponding results of fixed end support. The experimental work was carried out on both unnotched and notched samples to study remaining stresses due to circular aperture openings. The outcome of the present study indicates that the mechanical properties of the FML structures which named Al3G2K2 were slightly higher than glare (Al3G4) in both notched and unnotched cases. Failure patterns were also observed and identified.