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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Spring 2020


In the last few decades there has been speedily increasing in the agriculture and industrial wastes. This causes many environmental issues and raises the potential to contaminate the natural resources of living such as water, air and soil. Recently, the amount of organic waste produced daily has been rising, while it is poorly managed. It is either burned or disposed improperly, which effect negatively the environment and public health. On the other hand, during the cement production process many wastes, and pollutants are generated which have major negative impacts on the environment. Cement is considered as a substantial constituent of building materials in the construction industry. Many research’s intended to explore the potential of utilizing organic waste products in the construction industry by partially replacing cement with organic wastes such as sugarcane bagasse to create an eco-friendly brick with appropriate structure properties. Previous research’s used different treatment techniques to treat the organic waste and prepare it for construction industry. It was noticed that the treatment method used in previous research’s affected the structural properties of the new bricks with organic waste partially replacing. This research intends to study and analyse the process and techniques used by other researcher’s experimental work to treat and replace cement with sugarcane bagasse. This research will present the best procedures for partially replacing cement with sugarcane bagasse in cement bricks without compensating the structural properties of regular cement bricks. This study will analyse and compare previous researcher’s experimental work to obtain the best experimental program and to utilize sugarcane bagasse in brick industry.