Energy and momentum of general spherically symmetric frames on the regularizing teleparallelism

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In the context of the covariant teleparallel framework, we use the 2-form translational momentum to compute the total energy of two general spherically symmetric frames. The first one is characterized by an arbitrary function H(r), which preserves the spherical symmetry and reproduces all the previous solutions, while the other one is characterized by a parameter ξ which ensures the vanishing of the axial of trace of the torsion. We calculate the total energy by using two procedures, i.e., when the Weitzenböck connection Γ αβ is trivial, and show how H(r) and ξ play the role of an inertia that leads the total energy to be unphysical. Therefore, we take into account Γ αβ and show that although the spacetimes we use contain an arbitrary function and one parameter, they have no effect on the form of the total energy and momentum as it should be. © 2012 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd.

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