Charged dilaton, energy, momentum and angular-momentum in teleparallel theory equivalent to general relativity

G. G.L. Nashed, Ain Shams University


We apply the energy-momentum tensor to calculate energy, momentum and angular-momentum of two different tetrad fields. This tensor is coordinate independent of the gravitational field established in the Hamiltonian structure of the teleparallel equivalent of general relativity (TEGR). The spacetime of these tetrad fields is the charged dilaton. Our results show that the energy associated with one of these tetrad fields is consistent, while the other one does not show this consistency. Therefore, we use the regularized expression of the gravitational energy-momentum tensor of the TEGR. We investigate the energy within the external event horizon using the definition of the gravitational energy-momentum. © 2008 Springer-Verlag / Società Italiana di Fisica.