On Milnor seven dimensional sphere, El Nashie's ε theory and energy of a Bianchi universe

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The geodesic equations of the Bianchi type I are calculated and their solutions are presented in the form of first integrals. It is shown that pointlike free particles may pass the singularities. Using the energy-momentum complex given by Møller the energy of the Bianchi type I universe is calculated. The total energy (due to matter plus field) is found to be zero. We obtain a seven dimensional global embedding Minkowski space-time a kin to the space of a Milnor sphere of the (3+1)-dimensional curved Bianchi type I space-time. In the same time following the work of J. Nash and El Nashie the seven dimensionality correspond to that of the embedding of an n=2 Nash surface. © 2003 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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