Rotating AdS black holes in Maxwell-f(T) gravity

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© 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. The investigation on higher-dimensional AdS black holes is of great importance under the light of AdS/CFT correspondence. In this work we study static and rotating, uncharged and charged, AdS black holes in higher-dimensional gravity, focusing on the power-law ansatz which is the most viable according to observations. We extract AdS solutions characterized by an effective cosmological constant that depends on the parameters of the modification, as well as on the electric charge, even if the explicit cosmological constant is absent. These solutions do not have a general relativity or an uncharged limit, hence they correspond to a novel solution class, whose features arise solely from the torsional modification alongside the Maxwell sector incorporation. We examine the singularities of the solutions, calculating the values of various curvature and torsion invariants, finding that they do possess the central singularity, which however is softer comparing to standard general relativity case due to the effect. Additionally, we investigate the horizons structure, showing that the solutions possess an inner Cauchy horizon as well as an outer event one, nevertheless for suitably large electric charge and small mass we obtain the appearance of a naked singularity. Finally, we calculate the energy of the obtained solutions, showing that the modification affects the mass term.

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