Charged rotating black holes coupled with nonlinear electrodynamics Maxwell field in the mimetic gravity

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© 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd and Sissa Medialab. In mimetic gravity, we derive D-dimension charged black hole solutions having flat or cylindrical horizons with zero curvature boundary. The asymptotic behaviours of these black holes behave as (A)dS. We study both linear and nonlinear forms of the Maxwell field equations in two separate contexts. For the nonlinear case, we derive a new solution having a metric with monopole, dipole and quadrupole terms. The most interesting feature of this black hole is that its dipole and quadruple terms are related by a constant. However, the solution reduces to the linear case of the Maxwell field equations when this constant acquires a null value. Also, we apply a coordinate transformation and derive rotating black hole solutions (for both linear and nonlinear cases). We show that the nonlinear black hole has stronger curvature singularities than the corresponding known black hole solutions in general relativity. We show that the obtained solutions could have at most two horizons. We determine the critical mass of the degenerate horizon at which the two horizons coincide. We study the thermodynamical stability of the solutions. We note that the nonlinear electrodynamics contributes to process a second-order phase transition whereas the heat capacity has an infinite discontinuity.

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