Charged and non-charged black hole solutions in mimetic gravitational theory

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© 2018 by the authors. In this study, we derive, in the framework of mimetic theory, charged and non-charged black hole solutions for spherically symmetric as well as flat horizon spacetimes. The asymptotic behavior of those black holes behave as flat or (A)dS spacetimes and coincide with the solutions derived before in general relativity theory. Using the field equations of non-linear electrodynamics mimetic theory we derive new black hole solutions with monopole and quadrupole terms. The quadruple term of those black holes is related by a constant so that its vanishing makes the solutions coincide with the linear Maxwell black holes. We study the singularities of those solutions and show that they possess stronger singularity than the ones known in general relativity. Among many things, we study the horizons as well as the heat capacity to see if the black holes derived in this study have thermodynamical stability or not.

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