Rotating charged black hole spacetimes in quadratic f (R) gravitational theories

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© 2018 World Scientific Publishing Company. Motivated by the substantial modifications of gravitational theories and by the models that come out of f(R), we apply the field equation of the charged f(R) = R + βR2 as well as a general vector potential containing three unknown functions to two spherically symmetric spacetimes. We solve the output of the differential equations and derive a class of black holes that are electrically and magnetically rotating spacetimes. The asymptotic behavior of these black holes acts as anti-de Sitter spacetime. Moreover, these solutions have asymptotic curvature singularities as those of General Relativity. We investigate this by calculating the invariants of curvature. Also, we address the issue of the energy conditions and show that the strong energy condition is satisfied provided β > 0. Finally, we compute the conserved quantities like mass and angular momentum.

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