Bounce inflation in f (T) cosmology: A unified inflaton-quintessence field

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© 2016 American Physical Society. We investigate a bounce inflation model with a graceful exit into the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) decelerated Universe within f(T)-gravity framework, where T is the torsion scalar in the teleparallelism. We study the cosmic thermal evolution, the model predicts a supercold universe during the precontraction phase, which is consistent with the requirements of the slow-roll models, while it performs a reheating period by the end of the contraction with a maximum temperature just below the grand unified theory (GUT) temperature. However, it matches the radiation temperature of the hot big bang at later stages. The equation-of-state due to the effective gravitational sector suggests that our Universe is self-accelerated by teleparallel gravity. We assume the matter component to be a canonical scalar field. We obtain the scalar field potential that is induced by the f(T) theory. The power spectrum of the model is nearly scale invariant. In addition, we show that the model unifies inflaton and quintessence fields in a single model. Also, we revisited the primordial fluctuations in f(T) bounce cosmology, to study the fluctuations that are produced at the precontraction phase.

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