Kerr-Newman solution in modified teleparallel theory of gravity

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© 2015 World Scientific Publishing Company. A nondiagonal tetrad field having six unknown functions plus an angle Φ, which is a function of the radial coordinate r, azimuthal angle θ and the polar angle φ, is applied to the charged field equations of modified teleparallel theory of gravity. A special nonvacuum solution is derived with three constants of integration. The tetrad field of this solution is axially symmetric and its scalar torsion is constant. The associated metric of the derived solution gives Kerr-Newman spacetime. We have shown that the derived solution can be described by a local Lorentz transformations plus a diagonal tetrad field that is the square root of the Kerr-Newman metric. We show that any solution of general relativity (GR) can be a solution in f(T) under certain conditions.

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