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Fall 11-15-2014


In this paper, we report a simple, versatile, and rapid method for the synthesis of Pd nanoparticle catalysts supported on Fe3O4, Co3 O4, and Ni(OH)2 nanoplates via microwave irradiation. The important advantage of microwave dielectric heating over convective heating is that the reactants can be added at room temperature (or slightly higher temperatures) without the need for high-temperature injection. Furthermore, the method can be used to synthesize metal nanoparticle catalysts supported on metal oxide nanoparticles in one step. We also demonstrate that the catalyst-support interaction plays an important role in the low temperature oxidation of CO. The current results reveal that the Pd/Co3O4 catalyst has particularly high activity for CO oxidation as a result of the strong interaction between the Pd nanoparticles and the Co3O4 nanoplates. Optimizations of the size, composition, and shape of these catalysts could provide a new family of efficient nanocatalysts for the low temperature oxidation of CO.