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Spring 9-20-2020


In this research, modified rice straw (MRS) is proposed. The proposed production process of the modified rice straw (MRS) adsorbent is carried out by precipitation of iron nano particles on the surface of acid activated rice straw. The nitrate adsorption is carried out through batch experiments. The optimum nitrate removal 94.8 % was achieved at pH = 7, adsorbent dose 3 = g/L, 150 rpm, initial nitrate concentration = 23 mg/L and contact time 180 = min. The new adsorbent synthesis, kinetics and isotherm models were studied. The nitrate adsorption was well described by pseudo second order kinetic model (R2 = 0.999) as it fitted with the experimental results better than the pseudo first order kinetic model (R2= 0.872). The rate limiting step was determined using intraparticle diffusion model and Byod plot. For two parameters isotherm model; Freundlich and Halsey isotherms (R2 = 0.997) fitted with the experimental results better than Langmuir isotherm model (R2 = 0.973).For three parameters isotherm; Koble-Carrigan isotherm and Langmuir-Freundlich isotherm (R2 = 0.9999) fitted with the experimental results better than Redlich-Peterson model (R2 = 0.5)