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Winter 1-1-2020


In this research, chitosan based catalyst synthesis and characterization was investigated for different application in catalysis as chitosan based catalyst was combined with metal oxides in order to be used in dye removal of methyl orange (MO). Diluted acetic acid was used to dissolve chitosan then different percentages for metallic ions were mixed with diluted chitosan and then, 500 μL were added to the sample to reduce the metal salts then, microwave was used to heat the mixture for 5 minutes and then dried at 80-100 °C. Finally, X- ray diffraction was used to confirm the catalyst prepared. The aim of this research is to investigate and explore the feasibility of chitosan/metallic ions composite for removing MO from aqueous solutions. The influence of several operating parameters for adsorption of MO, such as contact time, temperature and pH.