Waste Minimisation of Ceramic Wall Tiles

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Summer 8-17-2018


Many wastes are commonly produced during the ceramic tiles manufacturing process such as: Roller kiln grinding waste, cyclone dust waste, and ceramic sludge. Those wastes are landfilled because they have been predictable to be less conducive to recycling. In this study, the recyclability of the mentioned wastes is enhanced to minimize natural resource consumption, save energy, reduce cost and decrease hazards to the surrounding environment. Three types of collected wastes were added in different ratios to a standard wall tile mix and factorial 23 design techniques was used to investigate the effect of adding these wastes in different ratios on the properties of unfired and fired bodies. Suggested recipes were shaped in standard tile form, dried and fired at 1,160 oC for 15 min. Tests performed on these tiles revealed that they abide by standard requirements for ceramic wall tiles.