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Fall 11-12-2019


Herein, versatile, and reproducible method to prepare binary metal oxides via microwave assisted synthesis. Catalysts are substances that basically speeds up chemical reactions. Ideally, bonds are formed between the catalysts and the reactants. Also, catalysts permits formation of products from the reactants. These formed products, splits off the catalyst without affecting or changing it. Catalytic kinetics studies the correlate chemical reaction rate with some properties of reactants and/or products for instance; temperature, concentration and pressure. The aim of the project is to prepare pure and bi-metal iron based catalyst by co-precipitation method and to characterize the prepared sample using X-ray diffraction .Metal oxides nanoparticles is a field of interest in catalysis, such that these oxides are used to oxidize carbon monoxide. The samples were prepared through co-precipitation method in laboratory scale. The metals used was copper, iron and cobalt. After preparing pure sample of each metal a mix of two metals were introduced in different ratios. The samples were characterized via X-ray diffraction (XRD) and then the results were compared to exist data introduced from others research, the prepared samples XRD was having a great matching with the data retrieved from internet and we found that the metal could exist in two form of oxides and even could exist as pure metal. Each peak in the XRD figure could indicate one or more phase of the metal.