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Spring 4-5-2017


Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) have arisen as a main class of structural materials having high strength and light weight implemented in a large scale of different applications. This paper performs a comparison between the enhanced properties of Kevlar 49 fiber and Twaron CT 704 reinforced with epoxy resin to obtain an efficient, light weight and slim body armor capable of resisting high speed projectiles (9mm bullets). Reinforcing the fabrics adds extra strength to the fabrics instead of using several unreinforced fabrics which increases the weight, thickness and the cost of the final product. The response of the prepared composite material based on the two different fibers was studied by using a test barrel for the penetration test. In addition, indentation test is also applied to compare between the mechanical properties of both laminates and determine which fabric is better for life protection applications. The final results showed that using the technique of reinforcing the fabrics specially Twaron is much better where the final bulletproof shield has less number of layers, and was found lighter by 40 % than those made by Kevlar.