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Fall 10-7-2019


Herein, we report a rapid one-step synthetic method using microwave irradiation for growing magnetite nanocrystals on reduced graphene oxide sheets. This developed strategy allows decorating graphene sheets with magnetite nanocrystals of well-defined morphology as cubes using microwave-driven reduction of iron chloride using hydrazine hydrate as a reducing agent. The size and shape control was achieved via fine-tuning of the reaction conditions. The obtained results demonstrate the applicability of this microwave synthetic approach to control the morphology of the magnetite nanocrystals anchored on graphene sheets. Moreover, graphene sheets will enhance the nucleation and growth of magnetite nanoplates anchored on graphene. This approach can be used as a synthetic tool to synthesize a wide variety of metal and metal oxide architectures on graphene. This approach also provides plenty of advantages like catalyst recyclability, mild reaction conditions, easy separation, reproducibility, and minimization of agglomeration effect that cause the decrease in the catalyst catalytic activity.