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The main objective of this research project is to perform some experimental procedures to inform the ability of the novel adsorbent used in this project. The chemical modification of the adsorbent is the chemical oxidation of pure powder chitosan using some specific redox pairs which are potassium dichromate and sodium bisulphite. After preparing the modified chitosan, there are some parameters that must be discussed during the adsorption process. The first parameter is the time parameter, showing experimentally the optimum time for adsorption under certain conditions by collecting values of absorbance and concentration of thymol blue adsorbed after the process from the spectrophotometer showing that the optimum time is 120 minutes. While for the optimum pH experiment, it is shown that optimum pH is 4, 0.5% v/v is optimum concentration and 0.05 grams is the optimum dose for the adsorbent. Then after computing these conditions and values of absorbance, some calculations and classifications are done to show the reaction kinetics and isotherm classification of the process. By performing some equations using mathematical rules it is provided that the reaction is not a first order reaction, showing by calculations and graphs that the reaction is a second order reaction. Also, to know the classification of the process other mathematical relations are done calculating slope and R2 to show whether the process reaction is a Langumir or Frendulish, showing that the reaction process is a Frendulish process having a greater value of R2.