A Competent Simultaneously Co-electrodeposited Pt-MnOx Nanocatalyst for Enhanced Formic Acid Electro-oxidation

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In this paper, a new methodology replacing the typical sequential layer-by-layer immobilization, i.e. , si- multaneous co-electrodeposition protocol is proven eminent for assembling efficient binary nanoelec- trocatalysts for formic acid (FA) electro-oxidation (FAO). This strategy is successful to integrate homo- geneously Pt nanoparticles (nano-Pt; essential component for FA adsorption/oxidation) with manganese oxide nanowires (nano-MnOx; a CO poisoning alleviator) in a single blend avoiding the poisoning CO ad- sorption at the catalyst surface. The molar ratio of the catalyst’s ingredients (Pt:Mn) in the deposition bath is critical in identifying the catalyst’s composition of the prepared binary catalyst and thus, a molar ratio of (1:8) is optimum yielding the highest catalytic activity. It is believed that adjusting the catalyst’s composition could preferably act against the adsorption of poisoning CO intermediate and/or providing an electronic support to the desired (low over potential) direct dehydrogenation pathway of FAO to CO2 .