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A colloidal solution of citrate-stabilized gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) with an average size of ca. 2.6 nm has been prepared, characterized and further implemented in electro-sensing applications. This colloidal solution of AuNPs has been prepared via the reduction of NaAuCl4 with sodium tetrahydroborate (NaBH4) using trisodium citrate as a stabilizer. The optical properties of this solution have been studied with UV–Vis spectroscopy. Next, these AuNPs have been immobilized onto a polycrystalline Au (poly-Au) electrode with the assistance of benzenedimethanethiol (BDMT), which served as a binder. Attention has been taken to ensure the formation of a compact impermeable layer of BDMT on poly-Au electrode, in order isolate the ploy-Au surface from participating in the upcoming applications. Interestingly, the AuNPs-modified Au electrode has shown a better sensing capability for ascorbic acid than that of the bare poly-Au, which opens opportunities for future designing of nanoparticles-based biological sensors.