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Spring 4-6-2020


This research aims to study the catalyst activity in specific reactions and the characteristics of the catalyst in order to optimize its performance. This research investigates PVP based catalysts and their properties and applications. PVP was prepared in combination with different metal oxides in order to be tested for different catalytic applications including dye removal. Methyl orange was used as a dye and different concentrations were tested against different metallic ions in order to optimize the catalyst for being used in dye removal applications. Spectrophotometer was used to calculate the concentration of the dye before and after catalyst exposure and investigate the relation between contact time and concentrations. Applying different contact time to the same weight percent of PVP based catalyst with metallic ions revealed that increasing the contact time with a good shaking leads to decrease in the concentration of the dye mixed with the sample. The tests showed that the mixture between PVP and Nickel has the best dye removal within the other metal ions (copper and ferric) as well it showed that ferric has the least effect on dye removal. Wide angle x-ray diffraction (WA-XRD) was applied to different sample copper with PVP and ferric with PVP.