Out-of-plane behavior of load-bearing reinforced masonry shear walls

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The increase in the number of deliberate and accidental explosion events over the past two decades has necessitated evaluating the performance of blast-vulnerable structural components and developing subsequent risk mitigation strategies. In this context, several studies have focused on the out-of-plane behavior of either unreinforced masonry walls or non-load bearing reinforced masonry shear walls (RMSWs). However, to date, few studies have focused on the interaction between the axial load and the out-of-plane (e.g., when shear walls are subjected to blast loads) demands on such walls. As such, the current study focuses on evaluating the out-of-plane behavior of seismically-detailed RMSWs with different design parameters. In this respect, the experimental results of seven scaled RMSWs, with different in-plane ductility seismic classifications and axial stress levels, subjected to out-of-plane loading are …