Assessing the Performance of a Sludge Line in a Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Dealing with sludge resulted from wastewater treatment process is one of the important issue in any treatment plant. The main objective for the digestion of sludge is to reduce its weight and volume in order to minimize the cost of sludge disposal. In our research we monitor the sludge line in a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Cairo, Egypt. We were focused on observing the efficiency of sludge digestion through all the stages of the sludge line. It is observed that the average concentration of suspended solids ranged between 8.5 g/l at the first stage of the sludge line and 37 g/l at the last sludge digestion stage with average 42.8 % of VDS. Based n the results it shows that the sludge line at Gabal El-Asfar wastewater treatment plant GAWWTP is operating with acceptable efficiency, but it will need a future modification if the treatment plant flow increase to its full capacity. Also based on the results we found the the concentration of chromium Cr in sludge are very close to the permissible limit.