BIM and semantic web-based maintenance information for existing buildings

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Spring 5-11-2020


In the existing building facilities context, the BIM substantial intervention concerning semantics and as-is information based portrayal for maintenance requirements is very confined. This confinement stresses the challenges associated with the lack and absence of reusing existing building facilities, as is domain knowledge. Within this scope, this paper proposes a novel approach for existing building facilities semantic-enrichment from indoor digital scanning portrayal phase to semantics depiction and management phase for renovation, rehabilitation, or restoration functions. In this paper, we present an ontological system, which relies on integrating the as-is information BIM and semantic web technology. The developed approach improves existing building facilities, as-is information formalization, and management for maintenance purposes. The paper outcome is a semantically integrated knowledge-based framework that can potentially: 1) constitute a semantic database for building facilities components as-is information using BIM; 2) overcome the lack and absence of retrieving and reusing building facilities as-is domain information; and (3) formalize the building facilities as-is knowledge in a computable way.