Torque of Removal Assessment and Histologic Evaluation of the Impact of Oral Bisphosphonates on Implant Osseointegration.

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Background: This study was performed to evaluate the effect of oral bisphosphonates (BPPs) both in standard and high dose on implant osseointegration through assessment of the torque of removal of implants and performing a histologic evaluation. Materials & Methods: A total of 25 New Zealand white mature female rabbits were used in this study, and they were divided into three groups. The first group of 5 rabbits received the implants without drug administration, acting as control. The second group 10 rabbits received twice the standard dose of BPPs. The third group 10 rabbits received standard dose of BPPs. A total of twenty five Dentium implants were inserted, torque of removal of each implant was measured. Then the specimens were histologically analyzed using H&E and Toluidine blue. Results: The results of our study revealed that the high dose group showed the best values while the control showed the least values regarding the torque of removal and mineralization of bone trabeculae. Meanwhile the high dose group showed the least inflammatory cells concentration. Conclusion: Based on our work we can advocate a significant advantage to receiving oral implants during the period of BPPs treatment as it helps enhancing the osseointegration.

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