Clinical performance of chitosan modified glass ionomer in primary molars: a randomized control trial

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Winter 1-22-2021



Antibacterial restorations increase the success rate of minimal invasive techniques where incomplete caries removal is done,in these cases pulp treatment is avoided preserving as much tooth structure as possible and increasing the longevity of teeth.This study was conducted to test the clinical performance of chitosan modified glass ionomer in carious primary teeth.

Materials and Methods:

In this prospective randomized controlled study, the sample consisted of 26 primary molars of 4-8 years-old patients,where they were randomly allocated into 2 groups, each group received glass ionomer (GIC) restoration in at least one primary molar. Group A received a GIC with its liquid modified with chitosan Group B received unmodified Glass ionomer. After 6 months follow-up the patients were recalled,and the clinical performance was measured using the Modified United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Ryge Criteria.Results:No statistically significant difference in score distributions of all outcomes between the two groups were evident. (p<0.05).


Addition of chitosan to Glass ionomer cement did not affect the clinical performance of GIC.