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Objectives: This study aimed to determine the association of rs2430561 and rs4073 polymorphisms in the Interferon gamma (IFN-ɤ) and Interleukin 8 (IL-8) genes, respectively, with hepatitis C virus-related oral lichen planus and disease severity. Design: This is a case-control study. 60 subjects were equally divided into patients with and without oral lichen planus. They were further subdivided into hepatitis C virus seropositive and seronegative patients. All patients were genotyped for IFN-γ rs2430561 thymine to adenine (T > A) and IL-8 rs4073 adenine to thymine (A > T) polymorphisms. All patients with oral lichen planus had their lesions measured and documented using the Escudier scoring system. Results: Disease activity was significantly higher in the "oral lichen planus/hepatitis C virus-positive" patients than in the "oral lichen planus/hepatitis C virus-negative" patients (P=0.003). IFN-γ rs2430561 T > A and IL-8 rs4073 A > T genotypes and allele frequencies were not associated with the oral lichen planus group or the normal group. Stratification of the two groups into HCV and non-HCV-infected patients or into erosive and nonerosive types revealed no significant associations. The “A-allele-containing" genotypes of IL-8 rs4073 A > T were significantly more prevalent in the patients with oral lichen planus than in those without. Conclusion: Hepatitis C virus infection is associated with the development of erosive oral lichen planus. The Aallele of IL-8 rs4073 A > T may have a role in the development and progression of oral lichen planus.

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