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Fall 9-1-2022


Introduction: Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is reliable in the assessment of structures related to teeth. The assessment of the inferior alveolar neurovascular (IAN) bundle location using CBCT is considered one of its prime uses in different mandibular surgeries. Methodology: Retrospective CBCT data of patients presented to the institute were assessed to measure relations of IAN. Measurements were taken to assess the bone thickness adjacent to IAN, the superior-inferior dimension between the canal and the teeth, and the dimension between the canal and the inferior border of the mandible. Results: Out of the 170 patients the root apices nearest to the IAN were that of the second molars (1.76 ± 1.86 mm). The IAN was closest to the inferior border of the mandible at the roots of the second molars (8 ± 3.4 mm). The buccal bone thickness had its greater dimension buccal to the IAN at the area of the second molar (5.16 ± 1.26 mm). Conclusion: Two mini-plates in trauma do not increase the risk of injury. It is advisable in apicectomy not to extend 1.5 mm apically. The thickness of the nerve-lateralization window should not exceed 2 mm. In body osteotomy procedure, perform surgery anterior to premolars as much as possible