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Aim: to evaluate the postoperative pain of using Propolis versus Calcium hydrox- ide as intracanal medications on post-operative pain in necrotic teeth. Subjects and Methods: 40 patients requiring endodontic treatment for single rooted teeth were en- rolled in this analysis. The selected patients were separated into two groups with 20 pa- tients each; Group І: Propolis paste. Group II: Ca (OH)2 paste. The local anesthesia was administrated, and the working length determined by Root ZX apex locator, and then confirmed radiographically. The root canals were mechanically prepared in a crown- down approach using the “TF Adaptive” setting on Elements Motor. TF Adaptive Green ML1 file (Medium Large) and Yellow ML2 size 35 taper 4% until the file reaches wanted length. Intracanal medicaments of the two groups were placed inside the canals and left for a week. Then the obturation was done in the second visit. Postoperative pain was judged by visual analogue scale (VAS) after 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours. Results: The pain intensity showed that there was no statistically noteworthy difference concerning the two groups. Conclusions: Propolis is an effective and safe intracanal medication that can be used to reduce post-operative pain in necrotic teeth.