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Oral mucosa lesions cause oral sores, discoloration, and anomalies. Oral mucosa genetic and developmental disorders may affect anybody. Oral cavity carcinoma causes 4% of all malignancies worldwide. Early detection of oral cancer improves survival rates. Oral precancerous diseases include color, abnormalities, surface texture, and location that predict malignancy. The goal of this study was to examine the Saudi Arabians' awareness of oral health and oral hygiene. An observational, cross-sectional approach was adopted for the study. Individuals with a probable malignant oral disease who visited an OPD at a dental hospital and had relevant behaviors were recruited in the study. In Saudi Arabia, relatively little research has been done on probable carcinogenic illnesses and their links to cigarette and betel nut use. There are 200 dental participants in the survey, from one private and one public dental institution. Among the dentistry training institutes on the list are King Abdulaziz University's College of Dentistry and AlFarabi College for Dentistry and Nursing.An interventional study was carried out to assess and compare the impact of oral health education on the oral health status of people aged 20 to 60 living in institutions in the KSA. As a consequence, we may draw the following conclusion: health education can help patients maintain better oral hygiene. The oral health education approach was shown to be an effective tool for educating these individuals the necessity of practicing appropriate dental hygiene. According to the findings of the research, Saudi Arabians' understanding of oral health and cleanliness may be enhanced if they participated in an acceptable program that included thorough monitoring and frequent dental checkups.