Optical scan of occlusal registration for the assessment of posterior teeth Interdigitation

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This research was designed to evaluate the area of posterior occlusal contact using optical scanning of posterior teeth interdigitation before and after orthodontic treatment of anterior crossbite subjects. Sixty male subjects suffering from anterior crossbite and Angle class I malocclusion with normal skeleton pattern were equally classified into two groups depending on age. Group one comprised thirty boys aged 8 – 11 years in mixed dentition phase while group two comprised thirty young adults aged 17 -20 years with a full set of permanent teeth. Investigations were conducted including silicone occlusal registrations with their silicone base polyvingle siloxane for each of the participating subjects before and after treatment. Optical scaning for period post silicone occlusal registration was performed followed by computerized measuring of posterior occlusal contact area as a new single and easy way to assess the status of occlusal contact.