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Objective: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy on osseointegration of implants supporting mandibular overdenture in heavy smokers. Materials and Methods: Following two stage surgical protocol twelve completely edentulous male heavy smokers received implants placed bilaterally in the canine region to support mandibular overdenture. On the second day after the surgery patients were divided randomly into two equal groups. Patients of group I were placed on a protocol of five consecutive sessions of HBO therapy, while patients of group II received no therapy and served as control. Four months following the surgery metallic ball attachments were screwed to the implants upon which mandibular overdentures were fitted. Once patients were comfortable to the prosthesis, they were placed on a zero, six, and twelve months follow-up periods. Radiographic evaluation of peri-implant bony changes was made using cone beam computed tomography(CBCT) . Measurements were taken for bone density and crestal bone height surrounding the implants. Results: Both groups showed increase in bone density and decrease in crestal bone height through a period of one year follow-up however the group that received HBO therapy showed less crestal bone resorption and more increase in bone density than the control group. Conclusion: HBO therapy enhanced osseointegration around implants supporting mandibular overdenture in heavy smokers.