Assessment of Serum Levels of the Micronutrient Zinc in Systemically Free and Diabetic Periodontitis Patients. Egyptian Dental Journal.

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Background: Zinc (Zn) is a trace element essential to all forms of life because of its fundamental role in gene expression, cell development and replication. It also plays an essential role in regeneration, for coping with oxidative stress and for an adequate immune response. This study was designed to evaluate the serum levels of Zn in periodontitis patients suffering from diabetes and healthy individuals with and without periodontitis. Subjects & Methods: A Total of 120 subjects were enrolled in this study. Subjects were divided into 5 groups; Group I: 40 healthy individuals as controls. Group II: consisted of 20 patients suffering from chronic periodontitis. Group III: consisted of 20 patients suffering from aggressive periodontitis. Group IV: consisted of 20 periodontitis patients with controlled diabetes (HbA1c < 7%). Group V: consisted of 20 periodontitis patients with poorly controlled diabetes (HbA1c > 9%). They underwent a full-mouth clinical examination of periodontal tissues, and serum level of Zn in all samples was measured by atomic absorption spectrometry. Results: There was a significant decrease in serum Zn levels in individuals with periodontitis particularly the aggressive group than controls, and there was an even more marked decrease of Zn 2 levels encountered in diabetic patients especially the uncontrolled group. Conclusion: We can postulate that the micronutrient Zn has a vital role in the proposed ‘two-way’ relationship between diabetes and periodontitis.

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