China: the next ten years?

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Spring 6-17-2013



This paper aims to be a “thought piece”. It is not based upon rigorous empirical research supported by focused economic theory. Rather it presents a view of where China is likely to see its economic expansion under a new leadership and at the same time how Egypt could be very much part of this.


The authors have set out a number of arguments that show the potential for stronger economic relations between these two economies over the next decade. These include arguments for a change by both countries in their traditional export market focus towards the EU and the USA.


Specific sectors are identified as the key strategic areas in which both could and should cooperate while it is also emphasised that Egypt is now viewed as a 3G country (one of only 11) that China could benefit from due to its location at the nexus of three continents. The paper is to some extent “crystal ball” gazing but within the context of available information and a set of forecasts that are not themselves unrealistic.


The paper argues that China's future growth options are in fact connected to those of Egypt in several respects and both countries can mutually benefit from the suggestions made in the paper.