Towards a Communicative Islamic Curriculum: A Needs Analysis Study

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Spring 4-30-2010


This paper aims at reporting the results of the needs analysis study that was conducted for the purpose of assessing the needs of undergraduate students at Al-Azhar to develop an Islamic Curriculum that helps them to present the true image of Islam and correct the misconceptions of non-Muslims about Islamic legislation. Triangulation of methods of data collection was taken into consideration. Thus, quantitative data were first collected via a questionnaire administered to a sample of undergraduate students from different faculties at Al-Azhar University. Then, qualitative data were gathered by means of two focus groups in which the researcher acted as a facilitator. The results of the study showed the importance of developing a communicative curriculum that is based on the performance of a number of target and pedagogical tasks but at the same time focuses on grammar and lexis to help students develop their communicative competence.