Handling Uncertainty in Database: An Introduction and Brief Survey

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Summer 7-21-2014


In the last years, uncertainty management became an important aspect as the presence of uncertain data increased rapidly. Due to the several advanced technologies that have been developed to record large quantity of data continuously, resulting is a data that contain errors or may be partially complete. Instead of dealing with data uncertainty by removing it, we must deal with it as a source of information. To deal with this data, database management system should have special features to handle uncertain data. The aim of this paper is twofold: on one hand, to introduce some main concepts of uncertainty in database by focusing on different data management issues in uncertain databases such as join and query processing, database integration, indexing uncertain data, security and information leakage and representation formalisms. On the other hand, to provide a survey of the current database management systems dealing with uncertain data, presenting their features and comparing them.