Numerical modelling of lauric acid phase change material using iterative and non-iterative time-advancement schemes

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Fall 9-2022


Phase Change Materials are used in different applications as thermal storage solution. Numerical and experi- mental studies have been performed to investigate and test their properties. But large time consumption of PCM numerical simulation is considered as one of the main limitations that restrict modelling of large dimension 2D and 3D models, in addition to large time scale experiments. Numerical model using ANSYS FLUENT NITA (Non- Iterative Time Advancement) scheme was employed and compared to the default ITA (Iterative Time Advancement) scheme. The comparison included pairs of models at different grid sizes and time-step sizes. It was found that simulation time-saving by NITA scheme exceeded 89 % and reached 96.4 % when compared to the default ITA scheme. The maximum error percentage between them was 0.27 % in the employed model.