A Unique Performance Optimization Methodology Leads to Remarkable Improvement in Drilling Operations (success case history)

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Drilling operations is the only proven method to extract the oil and gain the profit, during the last decade the oil price decreases, which led to reduce the capital investments, reduces expenses and lied off huge number of expertise in all oil and gas sectors. Ended with reducing the level of competency of most of oil and gas companies. Performance optimization is a key for all companies to evaluate their work plan, magnitude budget and to have more control in oil well expenditures AFE to reduce the overall cost. Strategic planning cannot be effective without strong database for any historical work, successful business-planning team has to collect the assets requirements evaluated and allocate the required resources to complete the assigned tasks. One of the most important operations that require extensive planning in all oil and gas companies is drilling operations, where huge resources are required such as rigs, cementing, bits, mud, directional etc. When the oil and gas crises are resolved, prices increased. Oil and gas companies started to resume drilling activities and maximize their business plan. One of the drilling projects in one of leading companies in the Middle East had been selected to implement new performance methodology to check the method effectiveness. The aim of this study is to provide drilling team with clear and effective methodology and process to improve drilling performance and set up benchmarking process. Share project results to be implemented with other projects. This paper represents one of success case history for a unique performance optimization methodology and well- structured process, resulted in significant cost saving exceed 3.4 MM$. This technique will reduce the number of rigs required per project and save significant number of days. If similar performance is extrapolated to 6 rigs for a period of one year, the potential value addition of USD 26 MM will be achieved. Such performance projects can be initiated across all the assets of any company in the project-planning phase creating a huge and consistent impact on the number of wells drilled per year.