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© 2018 The Author(s). Drug repositioning is a revolution breakthrough of drug discovery that presents outstanding privilege with already safer agents by scanning the existing candidates as therapeutic switching or repurposing for marketed drugs. Sitagliptin, vildagliptin, saxagliptin & linagliptin showed antioxidant and neurorestorative effects in previous studies linked to DPP-4 inhibition. Literature showed that gliptins did not cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) while omarigliptin was the first gliptin that crossed it successfully in the present work. LC-MS/MS determination of once-weekly anti-diabetic DPP-4 inhibitors; omarigliptin & trelagliptin in plasma and brain tissue was employed after 2 h of oral administration to rats. The brain/plasma concentration ratio was used to deduce the penetration power through the BBB. Results showed that only omarigliptin crossed the BBB due to its low molecular weight & lipophilic properties suggesting its repositioning as antiparkinsonian agent. The results of BBB crossing will be of interest for researchers interested in Parkinson’s disease. A novel intranasal formulation was developed using sodium lauryl sulphate surfactant to solubilize the lipophilic omarigliptin with penetration enhancing & antimicrobial properties. Intranasal administration showed enhanced brain/plasma ratio by 3.3 folds compared to the oral group accompanied with 2.6 folds increase in brain glucagon-like peptide-1 concentration compared to the control group.



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