Study of the effect of Allium porrum on osteoporosis induced in rats

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The present study investigate the effect of alcoholic extract of Allium porrum (250 and 500mg/kg) on osteoporosis, which was induced experimentally in male rats by i.p. injection of 20% ethanol (3g/kg/day). Alcoholic extract of Allium porrum (250 and 500mg/kg) was given by oral route daily for11 successive weeks, 8 weeks before the induction of osteoporosis and 3 weeks simultaneously with i p injection of ethanol 20% for 4 successive days of weekly. Bone mineral density (BMD) was measured by DEXA. Blood samples were collected at the end of the experiments for determination of serum calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase, malonaldehyde and total antioxidant capacity. Oral administration of alcoholic extract of Allium porrum (250 and 500m/kg) had significant antioxidant activity resulted in a significant elevation in the decreased BMD in osteoporotic rats as compared with control group. It is concluded that alcoholic extract of Allium porrum have promising protective effect against osteoporosis induced in rats which may be attributed to its antioxidant capacity.

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