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© The Author(s) 2017. Niosomes entrapping pregabalin (PG) were prepared using span 60 and cholesterol in different molar ratios by hydration method, the remaining PG from the hydrating solution was separated from vesicles by freeze centrifugation. Optimization of nano-based carrier of pregabalin (PG) was achieved. Quality by Design strategy was successfully employed to obtain PG-loaded niosomes with the desired properties. The optimal particle size, drug release and entrapment efficiency were attained by Minitab ® program using design of experiment (DOE) that predicted the best parameters by investigating the combined effect of different factors simultaneously. Pareto chart was used in the screening step to exclude the insignificant variables while response surface methodology (RSM) was used in the optimization step to study the significant factors. Best formula was selected to prepare topical hydrogels loaded with niosomal PG using HPMC and Carbopol 934. It was verified, by means of mechanical and rheological tests, that addition of the vesicles to the gel matrix affected significantly gel network. In vitro release and ex vivo permeation experiments were carried out. Delivery of PG molecules followed a Higuchi, non Fickian diffusion. The present work will be of interest for pharmaceutical industry as a controlled transdermal alternative to the conventional oral route.



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