Interferon enhancement of tamoxifen efficacy in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma: A follow-up study of tissue polypeptide antigen

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the possible synergistic effect between interferon (IFN) and tamoxifen (TAM) in an in vivo experimental cancer model, namely Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC). Survival time, average life span and body weight were used to evaluate the tumor growth and therapeutic efficacy of test drugs. The study was also based on the measurement of the tissue polypeptide antigen (TPA) as a tumor marker in serum and ascitic fluid, during the time course of treatment. EAC cells were injected i.p. in female Swiss albino mice (1 x 106 cells/mouse). Three days later therapy was started. Recombinant interferon alpha 2b (rIFN α2b, 0.5 x 105 U/mouse) and/or TAM (0.1 mg/mouse) were given i.p. twice weekly for 4 weeks, either alone or in combination. The animals were observed for a period of 60 days. Results of this study indicate that rIFN α2b enhances the antitumor effect of TAM against EAC in vivo. The combined therapy improved animal survival, average life span and tumor burden as compared to either monotherapies alone. Moreover, the study provides evidence for TPA to be a valuable tumor marker in this experimental mammary ascites tumor model viz. EAC.

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