Metallopharmaceutical complexes based on vanadium as potential anti-hyperglycemic agents

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© 2020 National Information and Documentation Center (NIDOC). Interaction between vanadium pentoxide and bioactive Schiff bases led to the formation of vanadium (III/IV) complexes. Ten complexes have been characterized using mass, IR, UVVIS and ESR spectra, magnetic moments and conductance measurements as well as elemental and thermal analyses. Magnetic moments and ESR measurements confirmed vanadium complexes have (III/IV) oxidation state. Conductivity measurements indicate that complexes are not electrolytes. A representative set of vanadium (III/IV) complexes in varying coordination environments have been tested as anti-hyperglycemic agents against type 2 diabetes mellitus in concentration doses (30 and 100 ?M/Kg) using female albino rats. The pharmacological data showed that, complexes 1 and 8 produced significant decrease in blood glucose level. Furthermore, these two complexes showed an improvement in liver and kidney function after daily administration for two weeks.

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