A coumarin with an unusual structure from Cuphea ignea, its cytotoxicity and antioxidant activities

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© 2018 Govi-Verlag Pharmazeutischer Verlag GmbH. All rights reserved. Phenolic metabolite profiling using two dimensional paper chromatographic analysis (2 DPC) was used for assaying the complex mixture of phenolics of an aqueous ethanol aerial part extract of Cuphea ignea (Lytheraceae). A coumarin with a rare structure, namely, 7-hydroxy 3-methoxy coumarin 5-O-β-glucopyranoside was isolated from the investigated extract. The structure was elucidated by conventional methods and spectral analysis, including one and two dimensional NMR (1D and 2D NMR), as well as by interpretation of the spectra obtained by high resolution electrospray ionization mass technique (HRESIMS). The rare coumarin significantly inhibited reactive oxygen species production with an ED50 value of 6.31±1.64 μg/ml and 5.78±0.66 μg/ml as determined by the the free radical 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) and the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) assay respectively. The isolated coumarin presented a cytotoxic activity assessed by using the neutral red assay (NRU) against lung cancer cell line (H23) with IC50 of 40.38±2.75 μg/ml.

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