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Cardiovascular diseases constitute a serious public health problem. It is estimated that they are responsible for nearly 30% of world mortality. Regardless of the developments in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases, their incidence rate remains increasing. Therefore, newlines of drugs are needed to manage the expanding population of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Even though the most common existing treatments for cardiovascular diseases are synthetic molecules, natural compounds, of different chemical classes, are also being tested. Medicinal plants have been employed in the treatment of some cardiovascular diseases such as congestive heart failure and hypertension many centuries ago. Recently, the traditional remedies application for the treatment of different disorders is gaining revived popularity. In this chapter, we will investigate the efficacy and safety of natural products under preclinical studies and clinical trials with particular emphasis on their
traditional uses and implementations in the primary health care system. The great potential of medicinal plants and herbs will be discussed in light of the rising prevalence of cardiovascular diseases as one of the most devastating global health problems

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