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20-Hydroxyecdysone (20-HE) was detected by TLC in the ethyl acetate fraction of two Atriplex species grown in Egypt: A. lindleyi subsp. inflata and A. leucoclada. EIA quantification of 20-HE proved its presence in a concentration of 9.15 and 7.3 μg/g dried aerial parts in each of the two species, respectively. Significant anabolic and androgenic activities were demonstrated for 20-HE comparing to testosterone; the study also revealed that the total alcohol extract and the ethyl acetate fraction of A. lindleyi subsp. inflata exhibited greater activities than their analogues in A. leucoclada. Column chromatographic fractionation of the ethyl acetate fraction of the most active species A. lindleyi subsp. inflata resulted in the isolation of 20-HE (I) in addition to three flavonol glycosides: Isorhamnetin 3-O- galactoside (II), Isoquercitin (III) and Rutin (IV) identified via spectral analysis. DNA were amplified using seven decamer primers as a contribution to the characterization and discrimination between the two Atriplex species indicating only one polymorphic band between the two species and displaying a similarity coefficient of 88.88%.



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