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Spring 4-11-2022


Topical conveyance of antifungal agents like itraconazole ITZ has been giving good grounds for expecting felicitous antifungal medicines. The defiance of topical delivery of this poorly water soluble and high-molecular-weight drug, however, mightily entail an adequate vehiculation. ITZ aspasomes, newer antioxidant generation of liposomes, have been designed and enclosed in a cream to ameliorate skin deposition. The proposed creams containing non-formulated ITZ or encapsulated in aspasomes (0.1% or 0.5%) were topically applied in patients with diagnosed diaper dermatitis complicated by candidiasis, tinea corporis (TC), and tinea versicolor (TVC). Placebos (void aspasomal cream and cream base) were also utilized. The obtained results for diaper rash revealed that aspasomal cream (0.5% ITZ) was eminent with respect to complete cure and negative candida culture after 10-day therapy relative to counterparts containing 0.1% ITZ aspasomes or non-formulated ITZ (0.1% and 0.5%). For tinea, the same trend was manifested in terms of ‘cleared’ clinical response in 90% of patients and absence of fungal elements after 4-week treatment. Relative to non-formulated ITZ, ITZ aspasomal cream was endorsed to be auspicious especially when ITZ concentration was lowered to half commercially available cream concentration (1%), pushing further exploitation in other dermal fungal infections.



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