Ultraviolet Spectrophotometric Determination of Primary Amine-Containing Drugs via Their Charge-Transfer Complexes with Tetracyanoethylene

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A spectrophotometric method is described for the quantitative determination of some drugs containing a primary amino-group, i.e. amantadine hydrochloride, tranylcypromine sulfate and tranexamic acid in their pure forms as well as in some pharmaceutical dosage forms. The procedure is based on the formation of a charge-transfer complex between tetracyanoethylene (TCNE) as π-acceptor and the studied drugs as n-donors in the presence of acetonitrile as solvent. The spectra of the complexes show maxima at 330 nm with high apparent molar absorptivities (from 2.1 × 103 to 2.2 × 104L · mol-1 cm-1). Beer's law is obeyed in the concentration ranges of 25-75 μg mL-1, 2-30 μg mL -1 and 5-25 μg mL-1, and the mean percent recoveries are 99.68 ± 0.92, 100.3 ± 0.75 and 99.8 ± 0.76 for amantadine hydrochloride, tranylcypromine sulfate and tranexamic acid, respectively. The proposed method is simple and can be applied to determine these drugs in their pharmaceutical dosage forms. The results compare favorably with those of reported methods.

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