Reactive Power Control in Grid Connected PV System using Phase Locked Loop Control

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Spring 3-6-2020


In this paper, an optimal study is introduced to control the reactive power in an electrical network using a voltage source inverter based photovoltaic system. The control parameter optimization is achieved through a phase locked loop control. The photovoltaic systems are adopted on using multi inverters. Therefore, the analysis of a single inverter control strategy is considered a model for the whole system. The synchronization with the electrical grid is provided using phase locked loop control. According to a certain objective function, the control parameters are optimized and the pulses are generated to the inverter. The simulations are performed using the package of MATLAB/SIMULINK with a double stage PV model. The first stage contains a dc-dc converter to track the maximum power while the other stage includes the voltage source inverter that controlled using the phase locked loop. The simulation results are introduced through different cases of changing irradiance on the PV system.